How To Install MPC Expansions

How to install MPC Expansion Tutorial

We get a lot of questions about installing expansion packs after purchasing from our website, therefore, we wrote this tutorial to walk you through some of the different methods on how to install MPC expansions on your MPC Live / X / Force and MPC 2 Software.

Installation in MPC software: XPM file

MPC expansions come in different formats and consequently, have different methods of installation. To install this type of expansion file what you want to do is open your MPC software and simply drag and drop the file in it. A pop-up window will appear on your screen.

How to Install Mpc expansion on the desktop software Mpc 2.6
Click on the “Import” button and wait until the process is finished.
Now the installed expansions will appear in the browser under the expansions tab

Manual installation in MPC 2.6 software

Even though this is an example of a manual installation in 2.6 software keep in mind that it can be applied to all of the MPC 2 software. In the event that your expansion is already unpacked in a folder all you need to do is move the folder to the following location on your computer’s local drive:

Windows: /Local Disk (C:)/ ProgramData/ Akai/ MPC/ Expansions
OSX: ~Library/ Application Support/ Akai/MPC / Expansions

Windows note: If you can’t find the folder “Program Data” you’ll need to make sure that under the View tab “Hidden Items” box is checked.

Transferrinin standalone

Standalone usage provides you with a chance to work on your projects anyplace – anytime without the need for a computer. How to transfer MPC expansions for total productivity? Firstly, to export the already installed expansions you’ll need to go to the mpc software menu – tools – expansion manager.

MPC Expansion transfer software menu

A new window will pop up where you’ll have to select the expansions that need to be transferred to standalone. Thirdly, choose the location on your MPC or Force Unit and click export.

MPC expansion transfer window
Click on the “Export” button and wait until the process is finished.

A folder named “expansions” will be created on your MPC or Force’s storage (SSD, HDD, SD Card or USB) that you’ve selected in which the expansions are exported. Now the expansions will appear in the browser under the section “expansions” and will be ready to use.

Manual Transfer

Presuming that your expansion is already unpacked in a folder subsequently the last method of installing an expansion is for you. What you need to do is the following:
– copy the folder onto one of your installed storage (HDD, SSD, SD card, USB drive) in the folder named “expansions”
– If you don’t have the folder “expansions” – create it.

Once you’re done with the process the expansions will appear in the browser on your MPC/Force under the tab “expansions”.

We hope you find this tutorial useful and learn a little bit more about how to install an MPC expansion.

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