Realistic Vinyl Sound In Your MPC Live, X or AKAI Force

Realistic vinyl sound on Mpc live, X or Force

Have you ever wanted instruments that you can play and simultaneously get a sound like a dusty vinyl record? Instruments that are ready to go and don’t need any additional processing to achieve the vinyl sound? And what’s more important all in standalone on your MPC Live, X or Force!

In this article we’re going to provide you with audio examples for the “Vinyl Series” expansions and their practical use.
How many times have you made a great piece of music using sample from others song artist? However you can’t do anything with it because you need a sample clearance.. Well, these expansions help you achieve that realistic vinyl sound without the need for additional process, in particular clearing up the sample.

We would like to single out the American hip – hop producer Kev Brown who without reservation did a stellar job on one of his projects using his MPC Live and our “Vinyl Series” expansion. The project includes 10 tracks that sound fantastic! We love the way he incorporated the authentic analog and dirty sound within the tracks. Check out Kev‘s work with the expansions and unquestionably you will be thrilled too.

Note: The drums in the tracks are not from our products

Have a listen to his project and brace yourself for how realistic they sound: