Free MPC User Guide: MPCOn, Live II, X, and MPC 2 Desktop Software

MPC One User Guide

MPC User Guide is a basic tool you need in your arsenal so you can get the most of your MPC. Are you a first time user? Have you recently purchased AKAI’s latest MPC product but you didn’t get a user manual in your box? You’ve spent hours on video tutorials and still didn’t find enough information? Don’t worry, by the end of this article you’ll have all of the answers you’re looking for and best of all – it will cost you nothing. Yes, that’s right a FREE MPC User Guide!

Mpc Live User Guide

Do you know that by owning the MPC 2 Software you automatically have the manuals in your computer as well? You’re probably saying to yourself “Oh, no way!” – but yes way! Here’s how you’re going to find them:

Windows users: Local Disk (C:) / Program Files/ Akai Pro/ MPC/ docs
Mac Users:
MacHD / Library / Application Support / Akai / MPC / Docs

We’re determined to make your life easier so we’re providing you with a link – just one click and the User Guide in PDF format is all yours! 
Now hurry up and get started on your journey to exploring your newest AKAI MPC gear right away!

MPC One User Guide

MPC User Guides – Download

Also check our YouTube channel for beat making videos with our MPC Expansions all in standalone mode no the MPC Live.

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