mpc 2.0

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Pack full of diverse premium sounding instruments for a budget-friendly price.Expansion with 20 multi-sampled key-group instruments that are highly optimized for standalone usage.

$39.99 $23.99

Everything you’ll need to make great Trap Soul music, all at your fingertips.This MPC expansion pack includes 45 catchy and modern multi-sampled key-group instruments and 95 drum hits, fx, loops, and vocal shots. 


Selection of diverse premium sounding instruments from our already released expansions: Lowrider, Trap Gang, Vintage Legends and Lo-fi Vibes.Expansion with 20 multi-sampled key-group instruments.

$39.99 $23.99

Sounds that are inspired by the greatest west coast producers in the game like Dr.Dre, Battle Cat, Dj Quick and more.This expansion comes with 34 multi-sampled key-group instruments and 106 drum hits, fx and one-shot samples.