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Everything you’ll need to make great Trap, Rap, Hip Hop music that will sound just like the top billboard hits.This MPC expansion pack includes 61 catchy and modern multi-sampled key-group instruments. 


"Brass Section" instruments that are optimized for standalone usage and specially designed so you can play two variations in one key-group (Strained and Staccato).

This MPC expansion pack includes 14 multi-sampled and velocity-sensitive key-group Brass instruments.

Mpc Expansions

Vinyl Series: Brass


Brass instruments taking you way back when with that realistic vinyl sound and dusty texture.

This MPC expansion includes 7 multi-sampled and velocity-sensitive key-group brass instruments.

Drum Kits

Detroit Sweets


A drum kit stuffed with dusty and warm sound processed to perfection with the intention to bring you that unique and well-known sound of the legendary producer J Dilla.This drum kit comes with 198 individual sounds all in 24 Bit / 44.1 kHz WAV file.

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