Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Are your kits Royalty Free? What is the General License?

All products from are sold as ‘royalty free’ or ‘master clearance guaranteed’ which means that they are licensed, not sold to you, by Superb Sound. By making payment for a product you are granted the right to incorporate them in a music production, film, tv program, website or other media production, without paying any additional royalties, license fees, or any other fees to Superb Sound or any third parties unless otherwise stated in additional licensing materials or product descriptions.

2. I purchased a drum kit and cannot find the download link. Where is it?

All drum kits and digital downloads links are sent to the e-mail address your order was placed under. Occasionally, some e-mail services and filters will re-direct our e-mails to your SPAM Folder/Filter.

Please check your SPAM Folder/Filter before contacting Customer Service.

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