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Pack full of diverse premium sounding instruments for a budget-friendly price.Expansion with 20 multi-sampled key-group instruments that are highly optimized for standalone usage.


MPC Expansion loaded with a wide range of instruments and drums that are perfect for Boom Bap Hip Hop that will sound just like a real record. Sounds inspired by one of the best hip hop producers in the game.


"Brass Section" instruments that are optimized for standalone usage and specially designed so you can play two variations in one key-group (Strained and Staccato). This MPC expansion pack includes 14 multi-sampled and velocity-sensitive key-group Brass instruments.


Selection of diverse premium sounding instruments from our already released expansions: Lowrider, Trap Gang, Vintage Legends and Lo-fi Vibes.Expansion with 20 multi-sampled key-group instruments.


Authentic, dirty and wobbly Lo-Fi sound with a touch of warm character.This MPC expansion includes 40 multi-sampled key-group instruments and 77 drum hits.


Feel that warm and vintage analog sound in standalone mode. Straight up from your MPC Live, MPC X of Akai Force.This expansion pack comes with 75 fat and vintage sounding multi-sampled key-group instruments.


Sounds that are inspired by the greatest west coast producers in the game like Dr.Dre, Battle Cat, Dj Quick and more.This expansion comes with 34 multi-sampled key-group instruments and 106 drum hits, fx and one-shot samples.