Give Your Drums a Super Airy Top-End Without Using Plugins On Your MPC Live, X, Force

MPC Filter Trick Tutoral

In this MPC tutorial, we’re going to show you a simple trick on how to enhance the top-end on your drums and consequently give them a super airy sound without using any plugins while still having full control over them.

Step 1. Load your drums or sounds on the pads in your MPC Live, X, Force or the MPC Software 2

Step 2. Go to the menu and choose the “program editing” section.

Step 3. Select the Filter/Envelope tab and after that in the left corner under “filter” select the type of filter that says “Low 8 Pole”.

Your sound will sound brighter right away.

Use the “resonance” knob to increase the amount of brightness enhancement and the “cutoff” knob to adjust the frequency which will give you a different sound color.

Tip: Try the other Low filters for a more subtle effect.

This method works in standalone and desktop mode.

Furthermore, you can control the amount of effect on each sound individually or all together and at the same time. It all depends on the choice you make in the settings on your unit or software. However, using this method in standalone mode will give you an advantage. In other words, this way you’re saving your processing power which will come in handy later for something else entirely.

We hope you find this MPC tutorial useful and learn something new that will help you in the future.

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